No Library Money To Balance The Budget

For those of you who haven’t yet voted in the MOBN! budget poll (and you should — vote here before this Friday at 5:00 p.m.) it looks as though there’s one less option than we thought.  We haven’t counted votes yet.  And we seriously doubt MOBN! voters were going to create a groundswell to cut library money.  But City Budget Director Cheryl Taylor,  (who was apparently working and responding to e-mails after 10:00 p.m. tonight) checks in with the following:

Hi all –
FYI, for FY 2009-10, the Library GPF appropriation has already been reduced to the Measure Q minimum, so that balancing option is no longer available for FY 2009-10.
Thanks and good luck!

Good luck to all of us, come to think of it.

2 responses to “No Library Money To Balance The Budget

  1. Marion Blackmer

    I think cutting funding for the libraries is such short sighted policy. If literacy and education are not supported, we are condemning our community to ignorance and crime.

  2. I agree with the other commentator. The City should keep the libraries open without reducing services OR raising taxes. Instead, cut costs. Try to cut back on contract awards & cut salaries, at least temporarily.

    BTW, the reason the option mentioned isn’t available is the City waited from last July (when they first found out about the added deficit) until now to even look. Way to work hard City & City Counsel.

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