Preparing for November: MOBN!’s early endorsement process for City Attorney

MOBN! is beginning the early endorsement process for the 2012 City Attorney’s race. To view our official announcement, click here to be directed to our website. To read about MOBN!’s endorsement process and protocol, click here.

In 2010, MOBN! solicited written questionnaires from all of the mayoral candidates. Their responses were posted on, making MOBN! the only organization to publicly post questionnaires submitted to the mayoral candidates (these questionnaire responses can still be viewed, here). In 2012, we will continue this practice, but extend the questionnaires to include candidates for City Attorney as well as City Council.

To begin this early endorsement process for the City Attorney race, we have sent questionnaires to City Attorney Barbara Parker and Council Member Jane Brunner, the two known candidates. Any other declared City Attorney candidates are welcome to participate in this process (please contact Lisa Radigonda). Questionnaire responses are due July 6.

When endorsing candidates, MOBN!, as always, focuses on three main issues impacting Oaklanders:

1.) Public safety

2.) Public works, including public streets, parks, lighting, and libraries

3.) Ensuring city government transparency and accountability

With this early endorsement process, MOBN! hopes to empower independent voters in Oakland.

Make Oakland Better Now!

OakTalk Here is the blog of Make Oakland Better Now!, an Oakland community grassroots group of a grass-roots group of voters, volunteers, and policy advocates committed to improving the City of Oakland by focusing on public safety, public works, and responsible budgets. Founded in 2003, we’ve researched, lobbied, and successfully campaigned for a number of new, impactful policies, including the city’s Rainy Day Fund, Measure Z and Operation Ceasefire.

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  1. jonah

    Aha! The LIttle League of Women Voters! To your teacakes, ladies!

  2. Mark B.

    For Jane Brunner’s answers on Public Safety, please compare her spoken points to what she has done in the years as a Council Representative to get a better picture of her ideology.

  3. jonah

    Good point Mark. MO is giving Brunner’s campaign a big publicity boost. Hopefully MO will make an attempt to season her BS with just a smidge of reality.

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