Make Oakland Better Now! Congratulates The Successful and the Unsuccessful Candidates

Make Oakland Better Now! extends its congratulations and best wishes to Mayor-Elect (and former MOBN! board member) Libby Schaaf, City Council Members-Elect Abel Guillen and Annie Campbell Washington and City Auditor-Elect Brenda Roberts.  Most of these winners campaigned on the need for major changes in Oakland.  MOBN! too believes change is essential, and we look forward to working with you.  We also congratulate Council Member Desley Brooks on her reelection.

Make Oakland Better Now! also thanks outgoing Mayor Jean Quan for her service.  While we often disagreed with her and criticized her actions, we have never believed that Mayor Quan was motivated by anything but the best interests of the City of Oakland.

Finally, we extend our thanks to all mayoral candidates, particularly Joe Tuman (also a former MOBN! board member), Bryan Parker Dan Siegel and Courtney Ruby, all city City Council candidates, particularly  Dana King, Jill Broadhurst, Shereda Nosakhare, Michael Johnson and James Moore and City Auditor candidate Len Raphael for their candidacies.  There is nothing easy about running for office, and your contributions to the public dialog, and commitment to making Oakland a better place had great value.  We have much to do in Oakland, and hope that all of the candidates will join us in the coming years as we continue to address public safety, public works, budget and financial reform, and government accountability.

One response to “Make Oakland Better Now! Congratulates The Successful and the Unsuccessful Candidates

  1. Think we’re right back where we started before the election.

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