Voting on Measure C

Make Oakland Better Now! Supports Measure C

Measure C, which is on the June 7 ballot, renews for 30 years the existing annual parcel tax of $114.50 per parcel for single-family residential units, $78.22 per parcel for multi-unit residential property, and $58.65 for non-residential units, thereby generating an estimated $18 million per year for local libraries. This is not a tax increase, it simply extends the current tax, so Oakland libraries can continue to be a valued community resource. The Measure C funds will be used to:

  • Prevent library closures and maintain extended hours to better accommodate students, seniors and working families
  • Provide safe spaces and protect programs for children and teens to keep them engaged and prepare them  for lifelong learning and successful careers.
  • Keep libraries safe, clean and welcoming
  • Maintain literacy services
  • Increase computer and internet service for all.

We urge you to vote “yes” on Measure C.

Make Oakland Better Now!

OakTalk Here is the blog of Make Oakland Better Now!, an Oakland community grassroots group of a grass-roots group of voters, volunteers, and policy advocates committed to improving the City of Oakland by focusing on public safety, public works, and responsible budgets. Founded in 2003, we’ve researched, lobbied, and successfully campaigned for a number of new, impactful policies, including the city’s Rainy Day Fund, Measure Z and Operation Ceasefire.

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  1. Jim Zig

    Vote to renew measure C then the City will take away an equal amount of appropriated library funds and use it elsewhere .Bait and switch check it out

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